The Mayor's Greeting

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Hello again, newcomer. I trust if you're reading this that you've figured out the basic functionality of your new PDTC or 'pid-tec' as we call them around here. These little electronic gadgets are important, but we'll discuss all the other programs and functions you can access with them later. For now, to get started, I'd like to talk to you a little more about where you are, the history of this place, and what living here is like. Then, in subsequent posts on this board, I'll go over how to use your PDTC to set up things like your personal information, customize your wardrobe, and how it can be used to find and communicate with fellow townspeople.

We'll start with where you are. Obviously, this is Hope Island. And the town, that's Little Sands. At least, that's what we call it now. It's not the first settlement on this spot. Obviously as you know, the world got fucked up at some point in the past. Sea levels all changed, some of the land is unlivable now, that sort of thing. Well, the old masonry buildings around the Square, like the Town Hall, the Apartment Building, and the Pier itself and the Community Center, those are all that's left from before. We try to maintain them as best we can, but we don't have much in the way of resources to build new things like that here. What we do have plenty of is timber. Hope Island is heavily forested, and we have ample supply of wood, so anything we've built since settling here, like the Saloon, is made of that. There are ruins of other settlements elsewhere on the island, but nothing as intact as this, so we're the only inhabitants.

So why here, then? Why on this isolated island far from anywhere else? Well, it has its advantages. It's one of the few patches of land that's any good for growing crops, and that's the other thing we have in ample supply: food. The climate here is warm. Let's be honest, everywhere is warm now, after the ice caps melted. But here in particular, the growing season is long, and the rains come often enough to keep the ground-water fresh, at least if you stay far enough from the shore. Most folk here keep busy with something related to crops or lumber, but you can get pretty creative with that. We make some of the best beer and spirits you can find right here.

The economy? Well, it's pretty basic as you might expect. We'll talk more about that in a later post. But there's certain things we lack here. We don't have access to steel or other metals, or manufacturing to make things with. Hell, that PDTC you're reading this on? We must import those things. Electronics aren't cheap, but they're worth it. So, we trade. The economy is based around trade. We have trade routes to other places, and merchant ships routinely dock here, trading us the goods and materials we need in exchange for the food, lumber and other products we can make here. Hell, you might've arrived on one of those ships. It's a good setup, that. The other thing we run a little short of is energy. Obviously, there's no fossil fuels anymore. We get our electricity from wind and solar but it's not much. Fortunately, we don't need much. The simple, text-based communication devices don't need much juice, nor does much else that we use here, like the lighting. There's always wood for heating.

Let's talk rules for a bit. Now, I'm an old school kind of administrator. I like my freedoms, and I like you to have yours. What's that mean? It means don't expect a long list of restrictive rules. Don't expect me to outlaw things outright to make my life simpler at the expense of your freedoms. I don't like telling people what they can and can't do. The only rule really is don't be an asshole. I don't much care what you get up to, who you hang out with, who you fuck, what you buy or sell, as long as it isn't hurting anybody else. It's a pretty liberal place, in the old-school sense. That said, if you do get up to no good, well, in addition to the role of Mayor, I also act as the Sheriff.

So there you go. That's Little Sands. I know this might've been a bit long-winded, but some background can be helpful letting you know what you're getting yourself into. In the next few posts, I'll go over the details of using your PDTC to set yourself up here.