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Public Info

Name: Sheridan Spearsong

Species: African Wild Dog (lycaon pictus)

Occupation: Founder, Mayor & Sheriff of Little Sands


Sheridan is an old African Wild Dog who hails from the area formerly known as South Africa. Specifically, he was born and grew up in the ruins of what was Cape Town, on the southern coast. A natural, charismatic leader by birth, and of a species known for large family packs, Sheridan rose through the ranks to eventually become the Pack Alpha of a large clan. Resources however were scarce in the Cape area and competition from rival gangs of Hyenas and Lions took their toll on the pack. Eventually, all out war broke out over control of the territory. Outnumbered and with their backs to the sea, Sheridan's pack was almost completely wiped out. With no home or pack left to fight for, he left his homeland in search of somewhere else to start over again.

From here he journeyed across the Indian Ocean and ended up in Australia for a number of years, where he joined a gang of raiders and eventually got into merchant shipping for a time. Once again, his natural leadership skills allowed him to climb the ranks and eventually he was running his own ship, hauling goods off the east coast of Australia to and from various Pacific Islands. It was during this stage of his life that Sheridan discovered a seemingly uncharted and uninhabited island. With his pack instincts still in him, he decided to try to settle once again in a new home and build himself a new community. He named the island Hope Island in the spirit of that idea, and founded the town of Little Sands on Hope's western shore in an old and abandoned harbor settlement.


  • Welcome to Little Sands.


  • He chooses a life of celibacy since founding Little Sands, both to devote more time to the community, and also to maintain an unbiased and neutral position with respect to other residents.
  • He has a prior history with Central and especially Isidore as the three of them built the initial Little Sands town prior to the arrival of the first residents.

OOC Information

Player: Sheridan

Office hours: Evenings & Weekends, Mountain Time

  • Sheridan is the Head Wizard of Hope Island MUCK in the out-of-character sense, while also acting as the community's in-character leader.
  • The character of Sheridan is loosely influenced by the characters Lucas Simms and Preston Garvey from the Fallout video game series.