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Public Info

Name: Retro

Species: Some kind of lion. Bit of a weird one.

Occupation: General helper and raiser of livestock. Recently acquired a plot of land in the SE corner of the Pier and Pine intersection, across the street from Ari's. Pheasant egg production is slowly but surely underway, and he caught a juvenile wild pig which he refers to as Petunia. Acquisition of goats or some other milk producing animal is pending. He also seems to have some amateur skill at massage, self taught though, and has discussed helping out at Ari's for anyone wanting that particular service, since she has a massage table.


Retro is a little reclusive, but is getting better about it. He smiles more and is actively trying to make friends. He is hiding less of who he is thanks to some friendship and acceptance that he's found so far.

He is a dusty gray-colored lion with a darker gray mane, which is fuller than what you might expect for most of his species. It extends all the way down his front to the waistband of his faded jeans. The shape of his face and head are just slightly off.. not wrong, just different. If you have ever seen a sabertoothed-type feline, it's reminiscent of that, though he certainly lacks the signature extended fangs. Just a less refined, more primal skull-shape than most felines.

One of the most notable visible features he has is the unique coloration of his pelt. Gray on gray. Most of him is the light dusty gray you can easily see, but upon close inspection, he is covered in both spots and stripes. Most of his body is striped, with spots covering much of his arms along with the stripes. All of the markings are faint, just a slightly different shade of gray, almost like the spots on a panther, easy to miss unless you're looking closely. He has several various scars on his torso in places, reminiscent of past battles, as many have. For some reason, he seems vaguely self-conscious about his odd coloration, but much less so than initially.

His bearing around any kind of authority is slightly uncomfortable, hinting at perhaps some kind of military-like background.


  • "Nothing funny, I promise."


  • None yet!

OOC Information

Player: Retro / Sol

Office hours: Varied. Usually afternoons and evenings PST, late nights sometimes.