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Public Info

Name: Oar

Species: Moose (A. a. gigas)

Occupation: Good question.


The resident moose of Little Sands. Oar is a weatherbeaten, scarred, one-eyed giant. He's also almost relentlessly cheerful and friendly. Wherever he's from, he didn't arrive on Hope Island with many skills other than hard labor. He's actually picked up a lot of different jobs since he's been on the island, but what exactly the moose does around town probably changes with every creature asked.


  • ...
  • Well.


  • The moose has mentioned that Oar is not the name he was born with. Given what he's said about the places he's lived, it's unlikely a compliment. Why does he keep it?
  • The moose is actually a golem or a troll, brought to life by some witch or sorcerer. He acts like a real boy, but his natural rock like state sometimes peeks through, and he turns back into what he really is, a statue.
  • The moose has been seen frequently in the saloon, late at night, recently. He appears to be drinking heavily, even if he's the only one there.
  • Oar just likes licking things.
  • Oar cheats at cards.

OOC Information

Player: CW

Office hours: Varied. PST.