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 Estas muriendo, ¿crees en ti?
 Estas huyendo de algo vil
 Violentos cambios sufres hoy
 Brutal ausencia, ¿crees en ti hoy?

Public Info

Name: Loxicha, lo-SHE-cha

Species: Lion, catamount, screamer, puma (Puma concolor)

Occupation: Mechanic, welder, machine operator


Drove south from Oaxaca with Roci, boarded in Panama and unloaded on Hope Island. She became a part-time bartender, part-time farm hand.

Possibly alcoholic. Possible affiliation with The Cult of the V8.


  • She killed three men on a trip to the mainland last month.
  • Though he was like her brother, she had to cut his throat.
  • Last remaining friend of Virgil.