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Public Info

Name: Isidore "Izzy" Dawson

Species: Eastern Coyote (canis latrans var.)

Occupation: Owner and Operator of Izzy's Saloon & Hotel, and Izzy's Distillery.


Izzy is an Eastern Coyote, which is a variant of Coyote with significant Wolf admixture, which makes him physically larger than other coyotes like KamiLo and Cohote who are Western Coyotes.

Isidore hails from the northern lands of North America. Specifically, the fishing community of Fort William, built on the ruins of an old medium-sized human city at the mouth of a river, on the northwestern shore of an enormous lake called Gitchi-Gami. Isidore will often refer to the lake as being so large that it behaved more like an ocean. The river delta provided one of the few areas where crops could be grown in an otherwise rocky and rugged area. This made food scarce and the population somewhat nomadic, relying on ice-fishing during the long and very cold winters. Isidore grew up the only child to a single mother, having never known his father. When Izzy was a teen, his mother became seriously ill, and the two began a journey to the southwest, to a larger city on the banks of a great river, where help might be found. Sadly, Izzy's mother died on the way there.

With no family to speak of and no reason to return home, Isidore set out on a great odyssey, walking across the entire continent on foot over a number of years, stopping for months at a time in various places along the way and doing various odd jobs to make ends meet. He traveled from the land of rocks and trees to the great plains, through the territory of the Federated States and then into the badlands of the southwest. He stopped for a time in the ruins of a city near a great dam where he took up the hobby of making alcohol, starting with beer and then graduating eventually to spirits, but the road kept calling him and he continued until he reached the ocean coast, and could not go any further, at least on foot.

At this point Izzy spent quite a few years learning the ropes of merchant shipping, first as a general laborer and deckhand on a merchant ship and eventually to the point of managing inventory and cargo, where he learned a great deal about the logistics of moving goods around. It was during his time on a merchant ship in the Pacific that he met Sheridan who at that time was running his own shipping business. Isidore agreed to follow Sheridan to what would become Hope Island, and establish a Distillery using equipment salvaged from the same distillery he used to work for on the mainland after it shut down. Using his knowledge of alcohol and logistics, they used the export of booze to fund the initial construction of the town, and once ready to accept residents, Isidore established the Saloon to cater to the local population.


  • I'm Izzy, and this is Izzy's.


  • He plays into the coyote stereotype of the tricky and opportunistic businessman. A capitalist at heart, but he knows his success is tied to Hope Island's success.
  • His wandering lifestyle means he's never had long term lovers, and although he is definitely a womanizer, he seems to have a particular eye for the wolf Pele.

OOC Information

Player: Sheridan

Office hours: Evenings & Weekends, Mountain Time