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Hope Island Change Log

The purpose of this page is to give you an idea of what is the latest and greatest in terms of nifty Hope Island programs. Stay tuned to see what is new and fun!

July 27th, 2019 Update

Wow ... exactly one month later!

So there's been a lot of little fixes I've done between then and now, but here's a major update. The ferry now takes a lot less time to travel, and has its own separate landing room so it won't spam the docks anymore. The landing room is linked off the Hope Island Marina and the San Pedro port.

Also, San Pedro has become a "first class citizen" as we call it in the programming world, as far as WZ aka LC is concerned. San Pedro places will now show up in its own block of stuff alongside Hope Island, so that people can set up zones just like on Hope. This also paves the way for better weather and PDTC support so SP can have its own weather, etc.

June 27th, 2019 Update

The PDTC emulator program is offically released! It has a lot of features to do stuff like:

  • Listen to the radio
  • Message people ICly
  • Read the boards in a more graceful way
  • Be notified of new board messages and whatnot

Check out: pt #help for details!

Ancient History

This is some stuff that was created before I was doing the change log, but I wanted to mention:

  • The 'rp' command has been created for scheduling RPs and notifying players of them. Give it a try today!
  • There is an automated ferry that connects the marina on Hope Island to the harbor in San Pedro. Just wait about 5-ish minutes and it will eventually show up and take you across.