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Public Info

Name: Aurora Jade

Species: Melanistic Wolf

Profession: Cartographer

Hobby: Asking ALL the questions

Status: Deceased.

Aurora was killed by Satin during the exploration of the warehouses South of Little Sands.


Aurora originally hailed from Alaska, being something of a genetic anomaly in her family in that she was the only one to bear an entirely black coat (Rather than the grey wolf's traditional mix) which led to something of an unpleasant upbringing. A few attempts were made to alter her appearance using dyes which for the most part she gave up on, save for still colouring the insides of her ears white and the silver accents in her fur which are all artificial, and a habit she continued until her death.

Despite this, Aurora described herself as 'Intrinsically Enthusiastic' and had traveled far across the continental US, discovering a talent for putting things to paper: Most notably in the form of map making. As an aside to this, she liked to find out about a place and its people, rather than just what it looked like and where it was, leading some to call her the roving reporter. (No newspaper work for her, though.) Aurora tended to leave the books she wrote with the towns she wrote them in unless given permission to copy and spread them further afield, documenting their histories so others could learn about them too.

The wolf could write quickly and accurately without looking down at her book, and much the same she was an adept still-life artist.

She carried a variety of measuring equipment with her along with notebooks and pencils, a single handgun and a winning smile. It was later found out that the handgun was always kept empty, and never used.